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New Style Back-Lit Bus Shelter

Take your pick from more than 400 choicest location.Add the impact of majestic 224 Sq.Ft of eye level advertising space.To this winning combination add the power of high-visibility ‘3-side’ back lit area.You will agree that it’s enough to make lasting impression on the prospect and make your product top of mind.Available at every major thoroughfare and in each and street of the city our shelter offer you unbeatable reach and high recall value all at economical rates

Illuminated Bus Shelter

More economical than new style back-lit ones these shelter have dual impact of 100 Sq.Ft. of back-lit space along with painted backdrop.Flexible enough to be customized according to area and target profile, they allow your brand to penetrate every part of locality with bold display and deliver high visibility exposure near point-of-purchase location