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Ever Since it’s inception in 1992, Sanjay knit Pvt.Ltd. has been growing by leaps and bounds and is today, the Premier agency of choice in outdoor  media in Pune. At SKPL we understand that in an age of ever increasing media fragmentation , and on-demand , switch and surf viewer ship the reassuring permanence of its outdoor option comes as welcome sign for media savvy advertiser. Consider some facts-Outdoor is always on always visible and always working for your brand day and night 365/24/7 yes you just can’t turn it off or tune it off or tune it out you can’t escape it it follows the consumer like a shadow everyone even before a visitor sets foot in Pune he/she is welcomed by our Underpasses and uni-poles on the Mumbai-Pune expressway each train passenger entering the city is greeted by our glow signboard on Pune railway station.what’s more every departure and touchdown at Pune airport is accompanied by the ever-helpful luggage trolley all being warn message as you move around Pune you can’ help but notice that the entire city has been blanketed by our out of home advertising option no street has been spared with more than 400 attractive back lit bus shelter to take your pick from you have the unparalleled choice of reaching out to the citizens in every lane and by lane of town how’s that for sheer brand presence SKPL is fully geared to take on any challenging assignment with it’s own creative studio as well as  an independent  production facility it’s no surprise then that Sanjay Knit Pvt.Ltd can boast of prestigious roster of clients a glowing testimony to the efficiency of the medium and our unrivaled services

01. Our Vision

“We will be the Leading Outdoor Media Specialist in India.”

02. Our Mission

“Build a world class, results-oriented company by providing, accurate and the most cost-effective outdoor campaigns, using the best tools and systems and creating the most innovative and pertinent solutions, through a Team of Energetic and Motivated Professionals with world class talent and skills, necessary to make the Leading Outdoor Media Specialist.
This way we will achieve our fundamental objective of Total client Satisfaction, And Superior Financial Performance.”

03. Our Value

Our people enjoy a personal stake in your continued success and take pride in what we do.